What’s your focus for 2016?

What’s your focus for 2016?

Back in 2013 my Husband and I started a family tradition. It’s a super fun and cheap craft! All you need is an open mind, your bible, some paint, brushes, and we use a couple pieces of pallet! We choose a word to focus on for the new year and get creative, then we hang these words in our home as a reminder through out the year so when we do loose focus and fall…..we are reminded what our focus REALLY is…plus you have to be walking in order to fall in the first place! What better way to start 2016 than to follow Jesus, letting Him lead you.

This year, 2016….has a whole new meaning after comitting our selves fully to Jesus and more importantly surrendering our marriage to God, letting Him truly lead and be the center of we. Our spiritual eyes, ears, and heart have been opened and its amazing the freedom we have experienced here, the Kingdom of God! Jesus has brought us so far and I know we have a great journey ahead with Him. We choose to focus on what Christ has done for us and who we are in Him, not what our past says we are, what others may think, whispers we may hear or what we may even think about ourselves at times. Jesus says we are a new creation, nuff said! Thank you Lord that we are now children of the light! Thank you Jesus that you are greater!




I challenge you as an individual or a couple to choose where you will put your focus for 2016…..remember we can’t do it alone, only with the help of the Holy Spirit who is our Teacher, rely on that help we have been given! (I say that as a reminder to myself)

Happy new year, my prayer is if you haven’t started this amazing relationship of the best love you will ever receive…that today right now in this moment you receive Jesus in your heart and grow and believe who you are in Christ!


God bless you….Dios te biendega!


1 thought on “What’s your focus for 2016?”

  1. Amen and thank you for loving and obeying Jesus as you do! I am filled to overflowing with hope seeing Jesus so purely through you two – hallelujah!

    The Lord had me write a 9-part series of posts called “Key Experiences and Characteristics of Effectual Leaders” that He then had me make into a single long article (“page”) on TheLordIsWithUs.com that I believe will really bless young leaders such as yourselves. (Sorry I’m unable to cut and paste with my cell phone here at the moment; it is accessed by clicking on the small horizontal black Menu bars in the uppermost right hand corner.)

    It requures an investiture of time (it’s about ten pages long), but I believe the Lord will bless you therein.

    Love you two!

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