The best relationship you can have

I’m in a learning season in life, spiritually, personally in my marriage, and professionally in my career.

There is no doubt God’s will is being done because it’s the exact opposite of what my flesh says.

Sometimes it hurts, it’s the opposite of how I feel, but this season, it’s for a reason, for good to help me, if I allow it to be.


I still fall and stumble but Jesus you are right there to catch me and pick me right back up and show me the right path, your path.

This relationship with Jesus has shown me that this world only wants to steal my joy, but He wants to give me life and give it the fullest He can give, better than anything my tiny mind can imagine or ever dream of.


See I lived by the world for way too long, until I had no where else to go but fall into His arms.

He is showing me thats simply the only place to be, in His arms, spending time with Him, letting Him fill me with His peace.


I got you God, thank you for reminding me daily, sometimes by the minute, sometimes by the second that it’s all yours, take it and do what YOU want, not what I want or feel.

I am different and that’s okay.


Feelings aren’t facts, they are just feelings and the cool thing about Jesus, is not only can He move us from those feelings by keeping  us from reacting to those feelings, but His blood heals those emotions and feelings when we choose Him.


God is growing me into the woman that He wants me to be, I feel it in my heart, deep down, He is showing me this love of a Father that I’ve never had. He’s a Father to the fatherless. I am no orphan, I’ve always had a Heavenly Father that has nothing but love for me.

Thank you God that you woke me up!

You are guiding me every single step of the way.

He has shown me, that every single person in my life will fail me…..that I will even fail myself, but Jesus, ah He will never fell me.

See Jesus is with me wherever I go, I just have to call on His name.

He heals my heart when no one else understands.

He listens when no one else hears.

He speaks to me through all sorts of ways, lately it’s been through little reminders that he’s opened my eyes to see. (So thankful you’ve opened my eyes!)

At his feet is the best place to be.

He is the most important and best relationship I will ever have forever.

It’s not about going to church and putting up a front or rejecting God and blaming others because you don’t want to change.

It’s about giving in to yourself and giving up your ways, spending time with Jesus, every single day, that quiet alone time with the one who died for you and me to be free.


It’s not a chore, something to dread, to put off when we feel better or worse, it’s an honor and the more you put into any relationship the more you will get out of that relationship. This one though it’s worth it, because when you give your life to Jesus, He makes you new and everything and everyone will fall into place in His timing.


And after all spending time with Jesus, well  its the least I can do for the best relationship I will ever have.

4 thoughts on “The best relationship you can have”

  1. This is so amazing, honest and real. You are such an inspiration to me and to see your faith, love and hunger for Jesus makes me feel encouraged. Thank you for being so willing and open. You are such a blessing!

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  2. So beautiful, my dear sister, is the glory of God through you! Father, it is our prayer that ALL will come to receive your LOVE, mercy, grace, joy, healing, and peace as we have been so blessed to receive! Bring them to this beautiful blog-site, Lord, for it is a powerful testimony of this extravagant gospel, this eternal LIFE You have given ALL people through Your Son, Jesus Christ; may they receive the gift through faith in Him. Amen.

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