Prayer against divisions in marriages



Lord I lift up my own marriage to you and other marriages around the world, that you would protect us from attacks of divisions. I know you wouldn’t bring me or us this far to desert us. I know you say you will never leave nor forsake us. I know you want us who are weary and burdened to come to you and find rest.

So here I am Lord, in need of your help and your rest.

I pray for marriages all around the world that are being attacked and new believers, that your Holy Spirit would intervene and change hearts. I pray the blood of Jesus over my marriage and Husband. Protect him, protect me, protect us oh Lord.  Father I pray against giving the enemy a foothold in any area of my life. Forgive me for when I allow that to happen. I receive your forgiveness. I know that I am a new creation because of Christ and what he suffered for me. Forgive me for when I believe the lies of the enemy instead of your truth. I know the battle has already been won! I believe that in my heart, thank you for showing me how to let my life be living proof of your power!

I thank you for your help, thank you for your forgiveness and that there is no condemnation when we come to you with a repentant heart.

Thank you for your love and grace.

I pray my Husband and I would be united as one….as we. I pray your touching hand would soften our hearts to you and each other. I pray against the spirit of cussing and need your help with that one too! I want my words to glorify you, so help me speak life, not death. Renew our minds.

Please help me to operate in your power and not mine.

I pray all this in the Mighty, Precious, and Perfect name of Jesus.

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