Cast your cares on the Lord



Lord I cast my cares on you and I ask for your help. Thank you for taking my concerns and fears. Thank you for caring that much.

Can you help me to know deep down at all times, that you will sustain me?

I looked up sustain, it means to strengthen or support physically or mentally.

You say you will never let the righteous be shaken.

I know that in Christ Jesus I am righteous.

I thank you for your forgiveness, love, mercy, and grace.

I ask you for your mercy for the biggest fear in my heart. God you know my heart.

Lord please help me to forgive this other woman and I thank you for your protection in my life, my Husband’s life, and our marriage. I thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit.

I will not hold on to unforgivness no matter what my feelings or emotions say.

I know that Jesus wiped my sins white as snow and I have to forgive. I make the choice to forgive all involved. I give it all to you and ask for your help. God, will you help me with all the emotions that come along with this? I thank you in advance for the way you are working through my pain and changing my heart, my life, marriage, my friends and family.

Thank you for showing me how to forgive my Husband, thank you for showing me how to see Him through your eyes. I pray no one else would be an exception, that I would do the same for all who have hurt me.

I choose to trust you, even when I don’t understand. In Jesus name, amen.

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