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Be still and know that I am God-Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
I looked up the definition for still and found these: not moving or making a sound; deep silence and calm; stillness.
Are you searching for peace in this world and haven’t found it?
Do you want to learn how to be still in the middle of chaos? Do you want peace beyond all understanding? Just some advice from someone who searched the world for peace for a long time and never won: Invite Christ into your heart and life. God will never leave or forsake you, He loves you more than you could ever imagine, despite all the things we have done in our lives. His Son died for that sin, so that you could have freedom once you ask Him into your heart and life, forever and all the time, right now here. Once you have taken this step of faith, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow because when you do leave this world, you will be in His arms, your forever home. You don’t have to be anxious about the news or troubles in the world when you know that your Hope is Jesus. He is alive! He didn’t stop there, He sent the Holy Spirit down to live with us forever here on earth, because He knew we needed some help down here! I’ve learned that Jesus isn’t someone we go to just when life gets tough or because we want to feel better, He is everything, all the time, and he wants you all the time, so please stop running
I’ve learned that I may not have an earthly Father that ever cared about me, but I’ve always had and have a Heavenly Father, all because of Jesus.
Jesus, He is my best friend, my Teacher, my God, the God, my Father, He is my peace and joy through all seasons, and he didn’t stop with His life, the Cross, or the Resurrection, He sent the Holy Spirit as our guide through every second in our lives.
God orchestrates everything, we just need to trust, be still, and know that He is in charge.
These words have rang over and over this afternoon, in my mind and heart all day:
In Him (JESUS), we already have peace and joy because He left us with both.
I don’t need to pray for those two things, God has already given those to me in Jesus.  So, when those whispers come of who I was or what I did, or who my Husband was and what he did, I use some awesome tools: a pen and sticky note to write down the truth, of what God says I have and who I am in Jesus!
It’s a whole lot easier, believing who God says I am, now that I’m not trying to do this whole self-control thing on my own, you know not relying on my own strength! The Holy Spirit moves me to God’s word as soon as those voices start, and I’m learning exactly what this verse means:
Titus 2:12 NIV It teaches us to say NO to the ungodliness & worldly passions, & to live self controlled, upright & Godly lives in this present age.
I hope you accept this invitation and promise you will never regret it.

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