The time is now!

My prayer is that you would open your heart, listen to the words of this song, the time is now, invite Jesus in, He is real, listen to His voice, He loves you, He died for you and He wants you to live with Him forever! Jesus will change everything for you, not just save you forever, but change everything about you and your life. I love what He does for me daily and hope that you will accept that same gift! Jesus gives you peace and understanding in a world that doesn’t make any sense. Jesus, He is the only way to the Father, who can and wants to be your provider, protector, healer, and counselor.

Nothing is too big for God, nothing is too bad for God, nothing is impossible for God.

It’s all your choice, to accept or deny, to believe or not to believe.

Believers that are reading this, including myself, I pray that you and I would operate in the power of the Holy Spirit, not myself, not yourself, I pray that my life and your life would be an example to this world, to show the power of Christ. I pray for believers to open up the word of God and let Him renew your minds. 

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