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Be still and know that I am God-Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
I looked up the definition for still and found these: not moving or making a sound; deep silence and calm; stillness.
Are you searching for peace in this world and haven’t found it?
Do you want to learn how to be still in the middle of chaos? Do you want peace beyond all understanding? Just some advice from someone who searched the world for peace for a long time and never won: Invite Christ into your heart and life. God will never leave or forsake you, He loves you more than you could ever imagine, despite all the things we have done in our lives. His Son died for that sin, so that you could have freedom once you ask Him into your heart and life, forever and all the time, right now here. Once you have taken this step of faith, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow because when you do leave this world, you will be in His arms, your forever home. You don’t have to be anxious about the news or troubles in the world when you know that your Hope is Jesus. He is alive! He didn’t stop there, He sent the Holy Spirit down to live with us forever here on earth, because He knew we needed some help down here! I’ve learned that Jesus isn’t someone we go to just when life gets tough or because we want to feel better, He is everything, all the time, and he wants you all the time, so please stop running
I’ve learned that I may not have an earthly Father that ever cared about me, but I’ve always had and have a Heavenly Father, all because of Jesus.
Jesus, He is my best friend, my Teacher, my God, the God, my Father, He is my peace and joy through all seasons, and he didn’t stop with His life, the Cross, or the Resurrection, He sent the Holy Spirit as our guide through every second in our lives.
God orchestrates everything, we just need to trust, be still, and know that He is in charge.
These words have rang over and over this afternoon, in my mind and heart all day:
In Him (JESUS), we already have peace and joy because He left us with both.
I don’t need to pray for those two things, God has already given those to me in Jesus.  So, when those whispers come of who I was or what I did, or who my Husband was and what he did, I use some awesome tools: a pen and sticky note to write down the truth, of what God says I have and who I am in Jesus!
It’s a whole lot easier, believing who God says I am, now that I’m not trying to do this whole self-control thing on my own, you know not relying on my own strength! The Holy Spirit moves me to God’s word as soon as those voices start, and I’m learning exactly what this verse means:
Titus 2:12 NIV It teaches us to say NO to the ungodliness & worldly passions, & to live self controlled, upright & Godly lives in this present age.
I hope you accept this invitation and promise you will never regret it.
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Prayer for marriages, family & thanks

God I pray right now for broken marriages and relationships around the world. I lift up those marriages and relationships to you, intervene oh Lord. I pray people would hear your voice and listen. I have learned to listen to your voice and that you can do anything in my own brokenness. I’m learning that your grace is sufficient and that your power is made perfect in weakness. It was said to me tonight that in the middle of such pain, how amazing it is to experience such holy joy and I know that holy joy is from you. Thank you that you care that much, to always be there through it all, fighting for me. I pray for Husband’s and Wives, that their hearts would be open to let you come in and transform them, that they would let their guards down, move out of the way, and let your Holy Spirit work. I pray Husband and Wives would accept Jesus into their hearts. I pray they would stop chasing after this world because it will not fulfill them like the love of your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the Holy Spirit and how it moves us closer to you. Thank you that you hear our every cry. You are such a big God! If you can save a sinner like me, transform me daily, you can change anyone! You are the one and only God, the beginning and the end. You are the light of my life. I thank you for my marriage, I thank you for the ups and downs of my marriage and how, now your hand is in my marriage. I ask you to heal my family. Lord let me not move without you. Father, thank you for your protection, provision, guidance, love, forgiveness, and grace. I know that through my marriage I have come to know you, accept you, and walk with you daily. Thank you for using my marriage, my Husband, and our mistakes to bring me into a personal relationship with you. Thank you Jesus that you heal and break every chain. You help me when I stumble, forgive me when I fall, help me stay on coarse. I pray for my Husband too, give him your courage and strength to keep fighting the good fight. No weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper, in Jesus name. Thank you for your living word, it saves me every single time, it heals me, it is just awesome. I pray for families, that they would just open up your word and that you would perform miracles. Thank you that you do heal and perform miracles! Jesus thank you for your life. Thank you that you didn’t think twice about forgiving me. Help me to forgive that very same way. Thank you that I am the righteousness of Christ because you say I am. Thank you that I and we are so boldy broken. I love you God and trust you. In Jesus name, I pray all of this, amen.


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We are not alone

What is life without sweet, genuine, sisterhood/friendships?

To me, the true meaning of sisterhood or friendship is love and support unconditionally, from someone who you can talk and share your stories with, no matter what. No judgement, no condemnation.

In October, I thought a prayer was being answered, a new position (professionally), a new location, a fresh start. Oh how I’ve learned my mind is so small sometimes and how BIG our God really is! He is always in the background, in the front, right in the middle, working something up.

Little did I know why I was really being put in this position at this business and how my place of work would be tied into my now place of fellowship where I and we are building new relationships, experiencing life like we never have before. More importantly experiencing the healing power of Jesus.

There’s one story I want to share. This young lady I work with has been placed in my life by God and she’s not just a co-worker, she has become more than my friend, she’s my soul sister!

This sisterhood doesn’t have to be my blood, it doesn’t look at age, skin color, weight, material things, past or future decisions, it’s way beyond all of that.

We encourage each other, share our faith, heart aches, frustrations, we laugh a lot, sing, cry, cut up, teach, pick each other up.

We are open, raw, and real.

God has worked in our hearts together and individually all while being in the work place and it’s amazing.

The power of Jesus has torn down walls that I believe we both have built up.

We both pray and invite the Holy Spirit in to each day at work and the result: we feel the very presence of God.

The Holy Spirit moves us to each other when we haven’t even said a word to each other, and the simple words that are spoken are right in time and perfect, comforting, healing, soothing, and loving. And I’m realizing that’s God, that’s how He operates in and through us. He uses His people and situations to move us closer to Him and to each other. He doesn’t want us to do life alone.

The world may not understand, but they are watching. Open up your heart, let them in.

God I’m blown away by you. When I’m hurting you send me someone or something as a reminder that you are right here with me and will never leave me.

I can feel your word coming to life-like never before.

I can feel you like never before. Thank you.

John 14:18-20 NIV Jesus says: I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.

My prayer has been that God would bring people in to mine and my Husband’s lives, that would encourage and strengthen our faith and marriage and us as individuals as well. That picture looks different from mine, thank God. It’s not the support I would have thought, it’s even better, it’s who He wants in our lives. More importantly, it happened when He was ready, not when we thought we were ready. He’s teaching us to completely and totally rely on Him and everything else and everyone will fall into place.

This is just one story. There are many more stories with many more people God has placed in our lives to serve a much greater purpose than we could ever imagine. We just had to let him do His thing.

We have a friend in you Jesus, that I believe. Thank you for new friendships. Thank you for your provision. Thank you for your protection. Thank you for your love. Thank you for miracles. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for saving my marriage. We believe.

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Who are you going to trust?

God has spoken to me this morning, to look to Him for approval, not this world or the people in it. When I look to anyone other than God for approval, I will always be let down in one way or another, but God, he doesn’t operate like that with me. He doesn’t let me down. He may let me go through some very uncomfortable situations and he gives me choices to make through those times. I can lean on Him for His understanding, trusting Him or I can lean on my own understanding or this world.

He’s teaching me this week about truth and love. He’s teaching me to be set apart, to respond differently. I have to be honest it isn’t easy, at times my flesh wants to fight against Him, but He gives me his strength to say NO to the ugly like he never has before. He has given me the boldness and confidence to confront some people in my life that are only hindering and not helping the very thing God is doing in my marriage and life. He reminded me He will fight for me, I only need to be still. He is working on my behalf.  All I have to do is trust Him and hold Him to His word.

His Son set the example I am to follow. Jesus knew all He was going to go through, and he still chose to trust God. He trusted God even while He’s hanging, crucified on the cross, asking God to forgive us. Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine the pain He felt, yet He wasn’t even focused on the pain, He was focused on his trust in God, His plan, US, and he had compassion.

Luke 23:34 Jesus said “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.

When the world says no you shouldn’t forgive, hold on to that, make them earn your forgiveness, prove yourself, Jesus reminds me daily, you have nothing to prove, I am the proof, let that go my child, I’ve got this, I died on the cross for that. Forgive like I have forgiven you.

People are going to let you down, people are not going to understand, but God will never let you down and He understands all too well what you are going through. He gave His Son up for you to be forgiven and reconciled to Him. Do you hear those precious words of redemption?

Psalm 103:9-12 He will not always accuse, nor will he harbor his anger forever; he does not treat us as our sins deserve; or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you or they think, no matter how they make you feel, no matter how you feel about yourself, there is one thing that will not change…who God is, what He has done for you and how much He loves you.

I choose to trust His promises. I choose to trust God. I choose Jesus.

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Hello world!

The Enemy has tried everything he can to distract me from starting this blog, because he knows God is about to do something AMAZING! Thank God, with His strength and encouragement from His word and people, I have persevered and took a leap of faith! So, I feel like God has been speaking to me (through the for a while to start a blog to share my journey in life, where my life was before I was completely broken, and more importantly where he has brought me and is bringing me personally as an individual in Him and then as a Wife, with the end result of lifting up other wives and women, sending them encouragement and hope! I have to admit I’ve been afraid and have put this whole blogging on hold because of fear and anxiety. Well yesterday I prayed a bold prayer and let’s just say God used a friend of mine to give me that last and final push. So I listened, I obeyed, I lost control, I surrendered, Lord have your way. The song by Matthew West, Do Something popped in my head and I said you know what, it’s time, time that I did something! Later on, my Husband and I just looked at each other, as we were leaving our marriage counseling session, Matthew West, Do Something comes on 106.9 The Light. Coincidence? I think more like confirmation. So now back to how I took this leap of faith, I asked God what about the name of this blog you are wanting me to do? Two words popped into my mind: boldly & broken. Then the Holy Spirit brought to me a third word, together, summing up boldybrokentogether. Here are some different definitions/adjectives for these three words:
Boldly: showing or requiring courage.
adjectives-courageous, confident, fearless, ready to take risks.
Broken: reduced to fragments, changed direction abruptly, to smash, split, to put an end, to overcome, an opening made by breaking, to lose control.
Together: into or in union, without intermission or interruption, continuously, without interruption…operating as we, not as individuals.
 boldly. broken. together. 
And guess what that explains my marriage. I’ve learned with God truly at the center and number one in my life, I can love my Husband. I can forgive, I can move forward and with God for me who could be against me? I have grown to love my Husband unconditionally, to extend the same grace to him, that my Father has extended to me. I feel complete and total peace about this blog and know I’m obeying my Father.
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled & do not be afraid. John 14:27
I hope whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you would stop to listen to the words of this song and let them soak deep down into your heart and soul, because with God ANYTHING is possible and He wants your marriage to be restored.