We will wait & trust in you Father

Good morning to all and hoping and praying I and we are all thankful in the wait of the Lord. Let’s not rush the wait, for these times are the sweetest, most precious, closest I feel to you Father of grace. May not feel easy, but oh so necessary to grow in my relationship with you. Thank you Jesus for the best gift of all, the love and communion with the Father. The world can’t even compare with this Holy love, peace, confidence, joy, light, forgiveness, mercy, and acceptance into the Kingdom. 

I’m learning God’s timing is perfect and His ways don’t have to make sense to us. Thank you for this peace in my mind and heart, Lord in this time of sorrow and suffering, I know joy comes in the morning and I know today is the day you have made, so I WILL rejoice and be glad in the breath and life you have given to me to fulfill your purpose. Lord Jesus thank you that you are THE ONLY  hope we have. 
God I lift up this young generation to you and ask for many hearts to turn to you, for you to be the rock of their lives and the guidance and shelter of light in such a dark world. God I pray for this generation to rise up in a bold, might way, and to live radically for you, something that doesn’t make sense to the world but catches many eyes. Thank you that we are set apart yet not alone. Holy Spirit we welcome you to cover our families, nation, and youth. In Jesus Name. 

And…..God I am in awe of you as I’m typing this a beautiful humming bird flies up in a gentle way, reminding me to be gentle with others and myself showing the endless love you pour out to us. Help me to always be open to your love and with sharing where my hope comes from. Thank you for your word that is our food, that nourishes our soul and refreshes our spirit and renews our minds. You simply are amazing. 

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