Encouragement of the day and reminders of the truth……

Praying that something out of this has touched someone else’s heart like it did mine! God is so in love with us, He is right here with us, always, no matter how we may feel!

3 thoughts on “Encouragement of the day and reminders of the truth……”

  1. That strongman was crushed Saturday! Thank you Lord! My church holds private healing sessions and this was my second one and God is amazing, He is my deliverer! I trust Him with everything! Thanks for your prayers and I never put two and two together when you said the name Dan Mohler. I love his teachings! I’ve been listening to some of Todd Whites stuff on Netflix, the Holy Ghost documentary and then the hand of God. Todd was brought to Dan and it’s amazing how God uses them, a true encouragement and example of the love of Christ!


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