The importance of knowing the Lord intimately NOW-REBLOGGED

The Importance of Knowing the Lord Intimately Now – http://wp.me/p6mxyt-2wV

13 thoughts on “The importance of knowing the Lord intimately NOW-REBLOGGED”

  1. Praise God for all of this: restoring us back to His image in Christ, His Word, the wisdom, the fellowship, preparing the soil (the hearts), our Blessed Hope in Jesus, the Internet, …! Thank you, and may you continue receiving His exceedingly abundant grace and bearing His fruit as you do.

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      1. I obey God not man and I do what He wants but that’s never easy and puts us in very uncomfortable situations, but I trust Him and I’m thankful for His guidance and for the support from my Husband and my family of believers

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      2. Yes! He had me praising Him for what He is doing through you, and the phrases “standing firm,” “divine power to demolish strongholds,” and seeing Satan crushed under your feet were prominent. Also prayed that you receive just the right encouragement from a source other than me! 😊❤️

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  2. Lord you are so faithful! We are your dear jewels and we are treasured by you! Thank you for reminding me who I am in you and my purpose is your purpose, not my own. I know good will come from this and Lord you are good! Help my mind to stay focused on the truth! Thank you for my Sister Deanna! Bless her and Holy Spirit thank you for moving me. I am Holy and blameless and righteous in Christ Jesus! Thank you that the enemy has been defeated! Thank you that you hear and know our every cry. Lord I want to press into you deeper and for others to know you like this!


  3. Just saw this today – amen!! Sis, your relationship with the Lord is an example to us all. Wow!! You and Dan Mohler both!
    You clearly are one of His leaders (not said as a compliment, although it indeed is one), hence the warfare you endure.
    If and when He so leads you, here is a series of nine blogs He gave for me to write and then consolidate into one piece last year that I believe you will appreciate. https://thelordiswithus.com/key-characteristics-and-experiences-of-effectual-leaders/
    May our astounding Lord continue blessing you and yours – you are such a blessing to all other members of this glorious Body of Christ. Thank you for loving Him more than your old self and fearing Him more than you fear man. 💕

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