I will trust in you Christ always

Father I thank you for Your word that guides my life. Lord I pray for hearts to turn to you in my country and around the world. I pray for people to put their trust in You Jesus. God I thank you for the seasons of growth that do teach us to lean on You more and more. We know Your Power is made perfect in our weakness. I come before you and lift up the United States of America. God I pray for repentance, I pray for people’s spiritual eyes to be opened and to turn their heart and surrender their lives to you. We know You are in control and we trust You. We know You have not given us a spirit of fear, but that you have deposited Your Spirit in us that gives us power and shows us how to love. Will you help us love others the way you love them? Help us to be your hands and feet, Ambassadors of you Christ especially now. Give us boldness and courage. God we thank you for Your Son Jesus that is the only way, the truth, and life. We thank you that our hope is not in this earthly life. I pray that I would be about kingdom work while I’m here, winning people to you. Forgive me when I loose focus and help me Holy Spirit to stay focused on what God is doing and how He is moving now more than EVER, amen. 

5 thoughts on “I will trust in you Christ always”

  1. I stand in agreement with you in your prayer, sister!
    You are a wise virgin with plenty of oil in your lamp; please join me in warning the unwise virgins, the lukewarm Laodiceans in our midst to open the door to their hearts to Him now, so that He will seize them up through the open door in heaven. The time is short, we do NOT want them to suffer the tribulation. Please share this link to this Our Exalted Position series (still in progress) on His astounding purposes for His Bride with Him in heaven while the antichrist and the “fourth beast” kingdom reign on earth for seven years… Thank you! Xx

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