Prayer is so powerful!!!!

We went in our very first out of country mission trip to Nicaragua in December. Our lives were radically changed. We met people that changed our lives forever. This little boy Enoc was one of them. He went missing after we came back to the states. He has been missing for almost a month. We have rallied in prayer like the persistent widow, knowing God was working on his behalf to work all things out for good for His child! Well..tonight Enoc was found! Hallelujah thank you Jesus!!!! God is so faithful and good all the time! I know God has great plans for this young man’s life and I know that he will grow into a disciple of Jesus Christ. Join me in praising God for bringing him home safely and I know He is protected by the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ!


Check out the hope project international in Nicaragua to give hope to the hopeless!



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