The miracles of Christ…

John 5:8-9 Jesus said to him, get up pick up your mat and walk. Immediately the man was well, and he picked up his mat and walked.


The words of Jesus were so powerful that someone that wasn’t able to walk was simply healed by his words. What a miracle! That is why I have faith. I believe in the miracles that the Son of God performed while He was on this earth and I believe He is performing greater miracles that we can and can’t see today! This week God has had me thank Him each day that I wake up, because it’s a miracle He has given me breath one more day, that He has me here one more day to do His work, His will. Jesus says we will perform greater things than He did. I didn’t make this up, it’s in the word of God. How does this happen? Because we are in Christ and He lives in us. He is not dead, He is alive and so are we when we are in Him!


Thank you God for this revelation! Thank you for your Son, thank you for the cross, thank you for the Resurrection, thank you for the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord that we are alive in Christ. I pray each day I would die to my flesh and be a living sacrifice for you no matter what people say or think. You are my Father and it’s OK that you are my refuge and that I’m completely and totally dependent on you. That’s what you want for all your children. Thank you for teaching me every day how to solely rely on you. I might be over the top for you God, because I am blown away by the miracles you are still performing in my life and the lives of those around me! Thank you Jesus. Thank you for your mercies that are new every morning. I pray for the United States, that hearts would come back to you and around this world. Use me in any way. Thank you for keeping me close to you, may I always be bold to share that light with others and not back down because of fear. I have nothing to be afraid of because I’m a child of God! I pray for each one that’s reading this, that they would grow closer to you and press into you! In Christ name, amen!



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