Thank you God for your mercy

God thank you for your mercy. Please forgive me when I don’t appreciate your mercy. I repent to you for that. I’m thankful that you are helping me turn away from this behavior. I receive your forgiveness. I forgive myself. Lord help me to continue to walk in forgiveness with every single person I come in contact with, especially my Husband. Thank you for my life and marriage. Thank you for your Son Jesus who died on the cross for all sins and that we are redeemed because of Him. Help my thoughts to reflect that redemption. I thank you in advance for renewing my mind. I pray against attacks on my marriage, my Husband, and myself. I know this war has already been won and I beleive that! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for your counsel. Thank you for bringing stuff up that needs to be dealt with and thank you for operating on our behalf. I know my flesh struggles with stepping in and being emotionally led, but Lord you know my heart that I desire to be spiritually led. Thank you for loving me so much that you are showing me just how to do that. I love you Father and thank you for mercy, grace, love, and your forgiveness. Thank you for your healing power.


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