Thanks & Praise!



Thank you Jesus that my identity is in You!

I don’t want to ask you for a single thing, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for the truth, thank you for the light!

Thank you for saving my life, my Husband’s life, and our marriage.

Thank you for making our marriage a story, to show the power of the Gospel.

Thank you for forgiveness and reconciliation!

Thank you for how you have opened our eyes!

How great You are!!!!

Thank you for your Son, thank you for the power in His name!

Thank you for saving us when we have done nothing or can do nothing to deserve that precious gift!

Thank you Jesus that we are on an eternal path, not a temporary path.

Thank you for our amazing heaven sent fellowship filled with authentic beleivers that are showing us Your ways! We feel Your love and guidance through them!

God you are so wonderful! I praise Your great name!

You are raising up an army and we choose to follow you Jesus!

Nothing can stand between us because of You!

Thank you that You are our Rock! We stand firm and will keep pressing into You!

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