When your world is falling apart, hold onto His promises

When your world is falling apart, the Lord will comfort you.

2 thess

I put my trust in you God. My help comes from you. I surrender everything to you. Lord have your way. Forgive me when I try to do everything on my own. I will not rely on my strength. I need you every second of every day. I will hold onto your promises. I thank you for protecting my marriage, I ask that you help us along this broken road. Help us with shame, guilt, insecurities, pain from the past, a world that doesn’t make sense, people who hurt, help us forgive ourselves and each other. Move us Father, closer to you. I love you and believe in the power of your Holy Spirit, I choose to rely on you and your strength, can you help me get anything out-of-the-way that hinders that reliance? I die to myself. I want to live for you. I want to forgive like you forgive. I want to love like you love. Thank you in advance for showing me how to do this. Thank you for your word, it guides my life. Thank you so much for your promises and no matter how I feel, I can go to your word for truth, hope, life, peace, comfort, correction…you are my rod and staff. Thank you that I don’t have to put my hope in this world, thank you that your Son, Jesus, that He is my hope. I pray against pride, fear, infidelity, the schemes of the enemy in Jesus name. Help me to be more like your Son, when He was tempted, he resisted, help me to resist the temptations and attacks from the enemy. Help me with my thoughts, help us to stay focused on you. When we stay focused on you, believe your promises, and trust you, there is peace that fills our lives and hearts and we don’t have to understand the why’s of life. Help me to speak words of life, not death. Help me to not react based on how I feel. When those emotions hit, because they will, move me to a place with you and you alone. I know you have given me self control, help me to practice that self control. Move me from my flesh into worship with you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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