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Prayer for marriages, family & thanks

God I pray right now for broken marriages and relationships around the world. I lift up those marriages and relationships to you, intervene oh Lord. I pray people would hear your voice and listen. I have learned to listen to your voice and that you can do anything in my own brokenness. I’m learning that your grace is sufficient and that your power is made perfect in weakness. It was said to me tonight that in the middle of such pain, how amazing it is to experience such holy joy and I know that holy joy is from you. Thank you that you care that much, to always be there through it all, fighting for me. I pray for Husband’s and Wives, that their hearts would be open to let you come in and transform them, that they would let their guards down, move out of the way, and let your Holy Spirit work. I pray Husband and Wives would accept Jesus into their hearts. I pray they would stop chasing after this world because it will not fulfill them like the love of your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the Holy Spirit and how it moves us closer to you. Thank you that you hear our every cry. You are such a big God! If you can save a sinner like me, transform me daily, you can change anyone! You are the one and only God, the beginning and the end. You are the light of my life. I thank you for my marriage, I thank you for the ups and downs of my marriage and how, now your hand is in my marriage. I ask you to heal my family. Lord let me not move without you. Father, thank you for your protection, provision, guidance, love, forgiveness, and grace. I know that through my marriage I have come to know you, accept you, and walk with you daily. Thank you for using my marriage, my Husband, and our mistakes to bring me into a personal relationship with you. Thank you Jesus that you heal and break every chain. You help me when I stumble, forgive me when I fall, help me stay on coarse. I pray for my Husband too, give him your courage and strength to keep fighting the good fight. No weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper, in Jesus name. Thank you for your living word, it saves me every single time, it heals me, it is just awesome. I pray for families, that they would just open up your word and that you would perform miracles. Thank you that you do heal and perform miracles! Jesus thank you for your life. Thank you that you didn’t think twice about forgiving me. Help me to forgive that very same way. Thank you that I am the righteousness of Christ because you say I am. Thank you that I and we are so boldy broken. I love you God and trust you. In Jesus name, I pray all of this, amen.


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